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Breana Kelsi

Lifestyle Transformation Coach
Hi, I'm Breana Kelsi and I have helped numerous women change their entire life from the inside out by teaching them the tools to overcome the mental battles that have kept them STUCK. FOR GOOD!

Hi, I'm Breana Kelsi! I'm a certified Personal Trainer with a certification in Fitness Nutrition, and for 3 years I have been helping women get out of their own way and finally start living the life they are ready for by providing them a plan for long lasting, and sustainable results.


When talking with the women who come to me looking to change their lives, I've realized they want to get started for the same reasons I did...The are tired of of their same old habits keeping them STUCK, and are FINALLY ready to say "ENOUGH!" and make that change....  BUT they don't want to hate the process by giving up the foods they love and their social life.

 Well, you don't have to.


I've gone through some huge struggles in my life that have equipped me on being able to master your mindset in order to create REAL change. By combining Mindset work, and a customized plan that will NOT ONLY get you the results you have been waiting for, but ALSO teach you how to sustain them, my technique will be that "life changing thing" you've been waiting for. 

Are you ready to learn more....?






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