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Hi, I'm Breana Kelsi - Health Coach and Life Coach who is passionate about helping women regain their Worth, Confidence and SELF after Toxic & Abusive Relationships. I will guide you from a life that feels like you are JUST surviving, to one where you THRIVING.
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Hi, I'm Breana Kelsi! 

I started my coaching career in 2015 as a personal trainer and  online health coach, helping women reach their health and fitness goals by changing their lifestyle, habits and mindset.

I have always LOVED helping others and I thought when I had become an online health coach that I had finally found my passion and purpose. But in the beginning of my coaching career I entered a relationship that would push me into another direction.

In 2018 I left what was an extremely abusive relationship. Leaving that relationship forced me to look at my life and question how I got there. I found myself on a deep healing journey where I was finally able to wake up to parts of me I had no idea existed, heal parts of me that have been both wounded my whole life, and parts of me that were recently broken, and finally meet my true self that I had been looking for my whole life .  I always KNEW I was meant for more, I just had no idea what it was. It wasn't until I went on this healing journey until I finally realized it. My bigger purpose in this life is to turn my pain into my passion- my mess into my message (I know... cliche, but it's exactly what i was being guided to do). 

In my journey of my own healing and exploration I realized something... there are SO many women that have suffered, and are STILL suffering from the same pain I was. When I got to the other side, I knew that the most painful part of my life had actually been a gift. I knew is my purpose to recover and heal from Intimate Partner Abuse, so that I can show others they can too, as well as provide them with the tools and knowledge to teach them how.

So, through so much research, learning, exploration and experimenting I gathered everything I used and learned about what it takes to heal from Relationship Trauma, and turned my health coaching career into a Life Coaching Career. 

Now, I help women heal and regain their Confidence, Worth, and SELF after Toxic and Abusive Relationships.

I've gone through these struggles in my life AND overcame them so that I could be equipped to help you do it too. 

By combining my expertise in health and fitness with my life coaching skills and healing processes I can guide you out of this place you are in where you feel like you are just surviving, to a life where you are actually thriving. 

and don't worry about not being who you were before the relationship trauma...because you will become a version of you that you haven't even met before! Your highest self is knocking at your door right now telling you to take the leap, because she knows it'll be worth it.

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