BODY DESIRE is like no fitness program you have ever encountered. 


It's fitness. It's energetics. It's merging together the two, tapping into your body consciousness and equipping you with the tools to know how to use it to create the body you DESIRE. 


-3 Week- 5 Module course. (+ Added Bonus Modules and New Live Modules each round)

-Recorded Live (you have access to previous recordings and all future live recordings)

-60+ Pre-recorded 35-45 min at home or gym workouts

-Body Desire Alignement Meditation + More!




NOTE: You will receive a follow up email with link to join the Facebook group where the program is held. Please insert the email you wish to receive the follow up email to. 


$222.00 Regular Price
$111.00Sale Price
  • You will receive a follow up email with the link to the Facebook group this program is held in.