Let's Stay Physical! Is a monthly membership based Group Coaching experience.


During this Health Crisis we are being asked to particpate in Social Isolation to manage the spread of (what we are going to call) the "Voldemort virus". While doing so the Gym is a good place to stay out of until everything is back under control - Gyms may even be shutting down soon. The gym can be one the dirtiest places in terms of germs, with everyone touching all of the same things. Let's be safe and smart and stay ahead of the curb by deciding to work out from home during this period of time.


Having to work out from home can be a major inconvenience if you have no idea what to do! Plus, it can be hard to get that motivation going when you are sitting at home alone trying to convince yourself to get up and workout! 


I thought this would be a great time to offer coaching support in a very affordble way to meet the needs of everyone not looking forward to working out at home!


So I thought of this Membership! This will be a Facebook Group based Group Coaching Membership that offers LIVE classes for at home workouts + coaching calls and support!


Things we wil do in this group:


  • Hold LIVE Group AT HOME workout classes 5x a week ( if you cant make it live, the recording will be there for you to watch when you can get your workout in!) These classes wil be held on Zoom in case you want to join on video with me so we can all see eachother, and talk with eachother. 
  • LIVE Group Coaching/ Support Calls EVERY SINGLE DAY to support you in your health and Transformation/Healing journey and answer all your questions and support you individualy.
  • Lot of educational content for ways to stay Stress Free & High Vibe during this time. Our immunity and health could never be more important! So let's make sure we take care of that too.
  • Nutrition support.
  • Mindset Education Calls, Live Meditations, Yoga, Stress practices, Groundign exercises, higher self practices and MORE. This will be the ultimate group for HEALING, PERSONAL GROWTH, HEALTH, Sex/Love/Relationships, and more. 
  • COMMUNITY- Nothing is better than a community of other women who are on the same journey as you! I want to make this such a high vibe community of us all supporting eachother and cheering eachother on as we face this trying time. Doing this together and going through this together can make SUCH a difference in how you feel day to day. Plus with our social interaction limited, we NEED the support of others. We can all engage and talk through whatever it we are all individually going through.



BONUS- Will have Guest coaches and healers in expertise of Love/Health/Sex/Relationships


This is the MOST affordable option for coaching I have ever done! I couldnt be more excited to bring something of such HIGH value to you for such an affordable price. I really want to do my part in supporting people to get through this time. We can do this, and we will do this with as much empowerment as possible if we do it together. 


Those that will support me and my small coaching business will receive TONS and TONS of my coaching value in return. Consider this a One Month (or as long as we are quarentined) experience of my Coaching and Support. I am not hoding back! 


Any fitness level, any fitness goals welcome. Why not make this a time to set and reach new fitness goals too?!


Any one struggling after Toxic/Abusive Relationships or not - Welcome Welcome! we will be covering content on that as well. 


Looking back, this month can turn out to be the best month of your life if used to invest in yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally during this time of crisis. 


Please Join us in the Let's Stay Physical! Membership and make this time of fear and stress turn into one of support, community, empowerment and UPLEVELING.


Can't wait to see you in there!! 


*This is a  ONE MONTH Program. If needed to extend I will.

*BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL at purchase. This is the email you will get the Facebook Group Notification. 

*Don't be worried if you dont get an invitation into the group immediately. This is so last minute that its going to take me some time to get everything together. Give it atleast 24 hours. Thank you!

*if you have any questions please be sure to email me at breanakelsifitness@gmail.com.


Let's Stay Physical! Membership

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