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Getting Started & Finding Motivation (Original Post 7/23/15)

Since I once struggled with this, and I know many of you do as well, I wanted to write few quick tips on ways to find your motivation and get started on your journey. If you are not happy with where you are at, time for a change. Don't wait any longer!

1. Have Goals

  • Without goals, you have nothing to work towards. come up with measurable goals. I would start with short term and eventually make long term goals.

  • EX. I want to lose 5 lbs. I want to wear a tiny bikini this summer. I want to stick to a diet for at least 4 weeks in a row. and so on...

2. Write your goals down.

  • Write down SPECIFIC goals you want to achieve. TIP- if you have been thinking about something you want for a while, and you never voiced it to anyone, it's probably a GREAT goal. Use that one.

  • Make a Dream or Goals board with pictures. Visuals are a great way to see your goals every day.

3. Contact a professional

  • The final key to me to start my journey was finding a coach and purchasing a very simple workout and meal plan.

  • WHY is hiring a coach so beneficial? Having to be accountable week after week for my progress kept me in check. Plus hearing from my coach " Wow, you look amazing i can see changes already!" was super satisfying. Also, I had NO IDEA how crucial good nutrition was or what good nutrition even was! Once I had a meal plan to follow, and I stuck to it, I saw my water and fat drop right away.

  • I also had no idea really how to lift, or how many different exercises and lifts there were. I was doing the same basic thing every time I attempted to workout, and no change in my body. No bueno.

4. Take your "before" photo.

  • Yeahhhhh, scary right? If you don't like what you see then do the above, and know that you CAN change it. Your body CAN look better and CAN look how you WANT.

5. Find a Swolemate

  • A friend, boyfriend, your mom.... anyone you can share your goals with and they can help keep you accountable, and motivated. Don't want to go to the gym later? Don't want to do your cardio? well too bad bc your swolemate is not going to let that happen. Plus it's more fun to have someone to work out with. I would try and find someone who has some experience to help keep you motivated and also for learning purposes, but if you can find anyone to join in your journey, that is just fine!

6. Tell people your goals

  • No this doesn't mean telling your boyfriend or girlfriends you feel fat and want to be skinny after you scarfed down 3 pieces of pizza and 2 beers on a Friday night... This means telling these people ( mom, dad, boyfriend, co workers, etc.) "Hey Im trying something new this month and I'm going to diet and do this exercises program I got from this trainer, and I'm really excited about it because I really want to see if I can make my body change" They will probably laugh and say "okayyyyyy", but thats all the more reason to stay on track. Best of all, after that month, you can show them how ridiculously good looking you are!

7. Get some new Gym gear

  • Hit up lulu lemon, Dick's sporting goods ( my favoriteeeeeee) and get some new cute pants that make your butt look good, and some nice sports bras. Who doesn't like an excuse to wear the new clothes you got? ( I still do this).

8. Take pictures every week

  • The more selfies, the better.

9. Know that you do NOT have to be a know it all, professional lifter to be in a gym.

  • Most people get so intimidated when they first start working out, that ends up being the main reason they stop. Join a small one on one training center for a month, workout in the early mornings when no one is there, find a small gym at an apartment complex, etc. not all gyms have huge meat heads walking around that you think are judging you. Plus those meat heads are probably too busy mirin themselves they don't even notice you.

10. GO FOR IT. Stop thinking what if, I want, I can't, I will tomorrow, I don't want to give up poptarts.... and just fricken do it. I promise when you commit you will see a change and you will like it. Everyone starts somewhere. Just give it a try. Chances are that if you are constantly thinking about how much you want to be fit, and make a change, you will not be happy until you do. The self consciousness that comes with being unhappy about how you look will never just go away by wishing you could change it. You gotta work.

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