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Top Secret- How I did it (original post 4/23/15)

Because I love everyone who is interested enough in my life to read my blog.

Because I want everyone to know the TOP SECRET - SECRETS to getting your dream body. Because I want you all to have a successful long fit journey.

Because I want to answer all your questions of how I did it.

ALSO....Because people have accused my transformation "fake".

The most frequent and common question I get is "How did you do it?". Pay close attention and soak this up because I am about to share with you all the secrets to how I did it.

Are you sure you're ready? I mean this stuff is TOP TOP level security clearance, Top Secret stuff...

Well, here it is:

  • I WORKED for it every single day! literally every day.

  • I can probably count on both my hands, maybe even just one of my hands how many days I missed the gym. If I wasn't up there lifting, maybe I went for cardio, or to do abs, practice posing, stretch or foam roll, etc. I went on the days I didn't feel good, the days I didn't feel like lifting or using what little energy I had from the food in my diet. I went no matter what. And yes, I had some normal rest days too so don't over react.

  • I ATE for my goals every day.

  • No, I'm not perfect and sometimes I had an extra snack or two when it wasn't in the plan, or maybe I added a little more Peanut Butter, but I never let it derail me completely or ruin a whole day. When treat meals were scheduled I treated myself fabulously and then got right back to plan.

  • I took my VITAMINS and supplements.

  • Contrary to what some assume, body builders are not usually healthy. I can't even remember the last time I had a piece of fruit! So, I made sure to take care of my body from the inside out as well. I took the best multi vitamins, and nutrition supplements, and my health actually skyrocketed during my prep- no thanks to my diet! Taking care of your body is a no brainer...good health on the inside helps your body perform it's best which in turn will accelerate your results if your body is working at its best! Duh.

  • I had SUPPORT.

  • Prep life can be lonely and isolating. Most of your friends won't get why you are going through having to deprive yourself from fancy dinners, wine on a Friday night, Pizza whenever you want, or going out at all period. They get you workout and want to look good, but they don't understand why you have to be so strict! Grandma won't get why you can't have any of her cookies she baked for you ( seriously saddest moment ever when I told her she couldn't bring her chocolate chip cookies to my volleyball games anymore). Those influences can make you second guess your decision or make you feel bad, so it is important to have people around you that have similar goals or support everything that you are doing. I made a bunch of new friends! Having those people to vent to and talk to about what protein I am taking now, what new workout I did yesterday, new PR's etc., is something I never knew I would be so thankful for! They kept me sane and never ever once made me feel bad or ever let me get off track.

  • I made my goals a PRIORITY.

  • Call me selfish but Me, Myself and I became number one. I did this for me. Not to look god for anyone else. I could care less who thinks women with muscles are ugly or manly. I think its fricken beautiful, and when I found out I was actually able to control what I look like, what muscles I can force to grow to get the look I wanted, it became important to me to do that. Every step of the way I felt more and more confident in myself and more and more excited to see how much more I can grow. I get fricken excited seeing a huge pump in my shoulders on shoulder day, and I am flattered when people come up to me complimenting my insane vascularity- I feel like a bad ass! Do I care if people think it's gross? Heck no, my body, mind ya bizznass. You have to love yourself first before you can be in any successful healthy relationship with anyone else. I learned this after many years of failed, unhealthy relationships. Now I don't NEED anyone to complete me. I am complete with myself.

  • I kept myself ACCOUNTABLE.

  • If I felt like something wasn't working, or I was upset, feeling frustrated or just like giving up. I never let myself. I looked at past progress pictures, I talked to my support system, or I would envision my goal all over again. With that said find an accountability partner and take progress pictures every week! Front, back and side.

  • I never stopped LEARNING.

  • Just because I was getting results doing something one way, never made me feel like there wasn't another way to get those results or even better. I continued to research exercises, nutrition and styles of training online. I took critique on my form from friends or even strangers if I was unsure I was doing it right. I asked people who had things I wanted, or knew things I didn't for advice. I never stopped learning and I never will.

  • I NEVER let myself get BORED.

  • I continuously switched up my routine in the gym. Did exercises in different orders, added in drop sets or changed my Super Set order. My diet also changed 3-4 times during this time to assure I stay on track and never hit a plateau.


  • I was in 100% all the way to reach my goal of looking the way I did on Competition day. I wasn't 50% "ehhh I can go out for drinks every OTHER weekend", or "ehhhh, I still have time to make up for all the cardio I didn't do this week." No, I did what I was supposed to every day and every week to get where I am.

I am just over 5 months in from where I started in late November. The reasons I transformed my body in such a short amount of time (3-4 months when my body was actually totally different from when I started) was because of all of these things. I was and am all in! This is my lifestyle and what I did takes A LOT of hard work and 100% dedication to it. I'm no super human or have any special benefits than any of you. My method and dedication is just different.

Now, it's ok if your goal is to lose a few pounds, just get a little leaner to feel better about yourself, or look better in a bikini for lake parties, but if you want to know how I did what I did, to look like I do in such a short period of time, then here you have it... this is all the things that I did. These are basic secrets to fit success. These are not TOP SECRET secrets. Haven't you ever seen that quote floating around on IG? "My Secret is simple....I put in work." Well, there you have it plain and simple- It's the truth.

I am happy to share my story with all of you, and happy to introduce the vitamins and supplements I take or have taken to aid in my progress. So, I am always available by email if anyone has interest in adding those things to your diet and nutrition.

Anyways, I hope this didn't go in one ear and out the other if you are looking to get the crazy results I have - this should be the foundation to your fit journey!

Good luck!


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