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How To: Not Fear The Gym

One of the most common themes I see/hear with new clients or new people to the gym is "I have no idea what to do when I get to the gym." Because of their lack of knowledge they often feel intimidated and go right over to do copious amounts of cardio and call it a workout.

Here is a few ways how NOT to fear the gym:

- If you have the money, hire a trainer at your gym who can take you through at least a few sessions. They can show you some moves and help get you used to the equipment and show you how to use them properly. Be honest with them and say "I have no idea what I am doing and I want to learn how to properly train my body to get "X" results, as well as how to use the equipment correctly". If you are not upfront with your trainer about this, then most likely they will teach you nothing. They will put you through some workouts that will make you sweat but will not teach you a thing. Why? because if they don't teach you how to workout you will need to rely on them to workout! Duh. ( shhhh thats secret trainer trick *eye roll*).

- Workout with a friend who regularly trains and is willing to bring you along to the gym with them. Go with them enough times where you learn how to workout each body part. This will at least give you a good foundation to start building your own routine, and enough confidence to go out on your own. Plus, its fun to have a workout partner sometimes!

- RESEARCH! Do your research! Talk to professionals in the industry. Ask them what the best routine/workout split for you to do in the gym to get "X" results? How many days a week should I go? Should I do cardio too? Once you have an idea of what your routine should look like, Google and Youtube exercises for each body part and write yourself a program. ( EX. workouts for shoulders, Arms, Back, Legs, and Chest.... and write down which days you'll do what body parts). Boom.

- Continue to RESEARCH! Never stop learning new exercises, new ways to do the same exercises, new routines etc. Don't get stuck doing the same exercises every single workout, every single week, because it is what you're comfortable with. Continue to learn so that you're comfortable doing new things.

- Get over the fact that everyone is judging you. New people come to the gym everyday. No one is judging you, and if they are, then they are too busy doing nothing when they should be working out (losers). Some people might even look over and help you if they notice a new face. I personally have invited girls to workout with me a few times so I can teach them some new stuff or help them with their form.

- A cheaper version of hiring a trainer is to hire an online trainer/coach. This is how I got started! I had no idea what to do in the gym to have effective workouts to get my desired results . So my online coach wrote me a workout program, I looked up those exercises and I did that same routine for 3 weeks until I felt comfortable enough to change it up and look up new exercises, and new things to add to my routine. That workout program was the foundation that I built on and continued to learn from. From there I obsessively watched girls on Youtube working out, and girls on IG showing new exercises. Then I started adding those to my routine. To this day I still try and learn new things everyday, and I still try new methods and ways to do things to get different, and/or better results.

There is SO much information out there. Do not be helpless. If you want to make a change and you want to learn, go do it. It's as easy as typing a few things in Google or Youtube. Information is at your fingertips with a just a couple of clicks.

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