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Keep your Lulu's fresh and so clean, clean!

Hey everyone! So, lately I have been thinking about how I've been slacking on sharing content lately, when it dawned on have I NOT shared this Active Wash laundry detergent with anyone yet!?? There are so many things I do in a day, and products I use that you would be interested in, and would be helpful to you guys, but I just forget to share these things with you (so selfish Bree!) ugh!

Anyways... back to what I was getting at about this Holy Grail of Laundry Detergent. Like any other "fit chick" out there, I LOVE Lululemon gear. It's basically all I wear (besides my BK Crop Tops. Yhus). We all just know it is the best, right? The fit is comfortable, the material is magic and they are 100% squat/bend over proof. Everything from Lululemon fits like a dream... ah ok, getting off track again. This blog is not about Lululemon, it's about how you TAKE CARE of your Lululemon. Not only your Lululemon but ALL your workout gear in general. The best fitness clothing is NOT cheap. It's expensive. It's expensive because it's made well with high quality product. So, you want to take the best possible care of this stuff right? You want to make sure you wash it gently, but still get all the sweaty smells out of it so they smell mmmm so fresh and so clean, clean! Right? Well, here is your answer - Granger's Active Wash. This stuff is AMAZING!

Here is why I use it, and here is what it does...

It is designed to truly removes odors, sweat and deodorant stains! Trust me, this was tested on my boyfriend's gym gear. He wears a sweatshirt through out the majority of his workout, and trains very intense so he typically sweats through it and his tank underneath. Sometimes after washing his stuff, they don't always have a fresh smell. After the first time using this detergent we saw stubborn deodorant stains gone, and the clothes smelled amazing! So, if you are a heavy sweater, and can't seem to get your clothing smelling clean, you need to try this stuff. The fragrance is light and very delightful, and your stuff will come out smelling really fresh every time!

It's also a very gentle detergent for the power it packs. It works effectively even at colder wash temperatures. This is what makes this stuff so great for your Lululemon, and other expensive, delicate gym wear. You are only supposed to wash your Lululemon on a cold, delicate cycle, no fabric softener and no dryer. What irritated me about doing this before I was using Granger's Active wash, is I felt like this method wasn't effectively cleaning my pants! I would notice the same marks on my pants after they came out of the wash sometimes. So irritating. Since I've switched over and started using this Active Wash for my gym wear, I have seen no issues and my pants are always clean. Oh, and did I mention I LOVE the smell? lol. No fabric softener needed, thank yewwwwww. *sassy hair flip*

This detergent also improves the moisture wicking properties on your gear. Yup! What this means is it helps the fabric absorb more of your sweat and keep more of it off/away from your body, which makes you feel more comfortable when you are active and sweating your bum off. So cool, right!?

Another great thing is that a little goes a long way with this detergent. You only need to use a small cap full of this stuff to get all the power it contains! Each bottle is good for up to 25 washes. So, If your only washing your fitness gear with this stuff, it should last you quite a while!

So, where do you get it? Not at Target, not at Costco ... It's only available online and here is the direct link to order :

Let me know if you try and and what you think! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! I honestly think this stuff is a must if you own a lot of Lululemon, ladies. Really, it's beneficial for anyone who works out and wants to take care of their gear. This stuff is specifically designed for it! No brainer.

Hope you enjoyed this "product spotlight" blog! If you would like to see more of these types of blogs, I would love your feedback. Shoot me a note on my website and let me know!

Thanks for reading.


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