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My Body & Health Isn't Worth It

How often do you find yourself thinking about something you want but say "It's too expensive"?

In some cases, this may be the smart thing to say. If you are referring to a Lambo, or a $5,000.00 pair of heels, ehhh sometimes its best to clench your wallet (unless you have disposable income and buying a Lambo is like buying a $5 Happy Meal to some).

Have you THOUGHT about hiring a Personal Trainer? Have you THOUGHT about buying healthier food/groceries? Have you THOUGHT about working with a coach? If you have had these thoughts, chances are in some way you are not happy in the body and health you are in. You want to do better. You want to be better. You want to feel better. You KNOW you can be better, but that price tag makes you think twice. You say "It's too expensive!". How about if instead you said "My Body and My Health Are Not Worth The Investment." Ooooooo snap! * Mic Drop*

In reality that IS what you are saying. You are not worthy of investing in yourself. You body, your self confidence, your health, your self esteem, your mind and soul are NOT worth investing in.

How does that feel when you say it like that? If you haven't already, say it OUT LOUD. How silly do you sound saying YOU are not worth the investment to better yourself!? STOP thinking as these things as extra expenses or a dip in your monthly budget. Instead, start thinking about how investing in your health and your body will be the best investment for your future well being.

Because that's what it is! Choosing to hire someone to help you become a better, healthier version of yourself is an investment in you! How will your quality of life change when you don't look at your body with disappointment every time you walk by a mirror? How will your self esteem be changed when you feel confident being intimate with your partner with the lights on? How will your confidence change when you walk by a mirror and FEEL proud of the body you are in? ( do you know what the feels like? because it exists...) How will your day at work change when you don't come back from lunch groggy, stuffed, and lethargic? How much anxiety will you rid when you actually take action, see and feel a change instead of just THINKING about it all the time? Think about it. REALLLLLLLY think about it.

YOU are the best investment you will ever make. Repeat that... YOU ARE THE BEST INVESTMENT YOU WILL EVER MAKE. Don't wait. Too many people wait. What do they get out of it that the others didn't who took action right now? Regret...They got regret. Regret for not doing it sooner.

So, ask yourself... what can you invest in to help YOU become your best YOU? If you need help navigating that question, I am free to talk and help you figure that out.

Visit my Homepage and fill out the Contact form.

I chose this career to help people. It's what I LOVE to do. So don't be shy :). Whatever you are going through, there is a way to get out of it, and make your situation better. More times than not, choosing a healthier path is the answer.

Thanks for reading.

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